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If you are a woodworker, you might have already spent hundreds of dollars on your projects. Sometimes, a woodworking project takes a lot of time and hard work and the results are not always fruitful, particularly because the measurements are wrong. This is where Ted’s woodworking comes in.

Ted McGrathTed McGrath is a certified master woodworker, trainer, educator, author, and a member of Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). To make the work of his fellow woodworkers easier, he has launched a program that consists of detailed woodworking projects and plans.

Ted claims that this program is comprehensive and contains 16,000 woodworking plans which are far better and easier to follow than other mass-market plans. There is no guesswork involved, and everything is explained in a detailed manner. Having this book is like having a master woodworker with you who can guide you throughout your project.

Ted’s woodworking Features

Ted’s woodworking plan covers a broad range of woodworking projects. This plan covers almost all types of wooden projects, so no matter what you’re constructing, you’ll easily find a plan in this program to help you.

Ted's woodworking

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Following are the main features of Ted’s woodworking:

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-By-Step InstructionsTed’s woodworking provides you with a detailed step by step plan so that you don’t find the plan difficult to implement. You will get all the instructions starting from the beginning to the end, which will help you easily and quickly complete your project.

There are simple hand-holding instructions that allow you to complete your projects in less time than usual. Having simple and easy-to-understand instructions with you will make your work better tremendously.

List of Materials Needed

Materials ListsThere are different materials needed for every woodworking project. Each plan has a different requirement, which is why Ted has listed all the required materials for every single plan present in the book. You will see a list of cutting materials with each project so that you have an idea of which things to buy for your woodworking project.

When you know which materials are needed for the project, you won’t waste time on other unnecessary materials. The comprehensive list will save not only your money but also your time.

Clear Schematics

There are sharp and clear schematics included with each plan. Thus, you don’t need to guess anything since the plans are so comprehensive. When you get such clear instructions for building a project, it will be much more effortless for you as all you have to do then is join the pieces together and put them in place.

16000 Woodworking Plans

No matter how challenging your woodworking project is, you’ll be able to build it in just a few minutes. If you are an expert woodworker, you’ll finish your plans in a fraction of that time.

View from Different Angles

Views From All AnglesSome people prefer a top-down view, while others want to look at a project from a 2D perspective. Ted’s woodworking will allow you to see the plan from all angles, so no matter what your preferences are, you will have a good understanding of how it looks.

Most plans present a view from one angle only, which this makes it difficult for the viewer to understand and in such situations, a woodworker can end up making a different project than they intended.

Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike

Ted’s woodworking is suitable for all types of woodworkers, so whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find instructions and plans according to your preference. The good thing is that you don’t even need to buy expensive materials or machineries to make your own woodworking project.

The instructions are simple enough that you can follow them with simple household stuff. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, you will find hundreds of projects that will suit your style and preference.

Why Should I Buy Ted’s woodworking?

Ted’s woodworking offers you an affordable way to make your woodworking project easier and faster. With the step-by-step instructions and detailed schematics, you will be able to finish your woodworking project in a much shorter time than usual.

Some Of The Projects You Can Build

Some of the projects you can build…

The plan includes small crafts, furniture designs like table plans and bed plans, kid’s crafts, outdoor projects, and many more things to help you out with your woodworking projects. The plans are so detailed that your project will build itself.


  • The book has a huge number of plans available with detailed schematics. No matter which type of project you want to build, you will find a plan for it here.
  • Apart from the plans, you will also get 3D modeling software of high quality and CAD file viewer.
  • It is available with an affordable price tag.
  • Ted’s woodworking includes a helpful and comprehensive guide to start building your own woodworking business.
  • The steps are very easy to understand, and the instructions are simple to follow.
  • Along with the purchase, you will also get a package of email services for coaching and advice from Ted McGrath for one year.


  • The projects are not as organized as they should be. The main issue you will face is with the uniformity of the plans, as you won’t see all plans following the same format.
  • There is no skill level indication on the plans, so you might end up choosing the wrong plan according to your skills.


Ted’s woodworking plan is a comprehensive and detailed guide to help all woodworkers and make their work easier and faster. If you are a woodworker, you will find it very helpful because of the plethora of woodworking plans available.

You can buy Ted’s woodworking package and get instant access today if you are planning to start your woodworking business or just want to create a small wooden project for your home. With Ted’s detailed instructions and schematic designs, you’ll finish your work in a fraction of time and get praises from your friends and family.

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Ted’s woodworking is a comprehensive plan that includes 16,000 woodworking plans that can make your project fun and easy.

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