What are we looking for in a guest post?
The guest post we are looking for should be informative and contains helpful tips in these categories:

  • Dating & Relationship
  • Health
  • Home & Outdoor
  • Lifestyle
  • Survival
  • Weight Loss

How to get your guest post published?

  • Your post must be unique and original. That means it must be written by you and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/website.
  • If we accept the post, you agree to not offer the content to another website.
  • Post should not be about an affiliate program/product or a plug for a company. No reviews please.
  • We do understand the importance of link love and you should definitely link the article back to your blog/website. However, We do not tolerate link littering and would not accept links to affiliate products.
  • You can insert images within post as long as you own the copyright or the image‚Äôs licensing allows it to be posted on blogs.
  • We may edit your post for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and We have right to include relevant links from our site into your article without consulting you.
  • Any posts that do not follow the desired criteria; that are too spammy, boring, poorly written, or just don’t seem interesting in our opinion, may be rejected.

How soon will you know if your article is approved and published?
We will make sure to read any posts submitted as soon as possible and will most likely let you know within a day or two if we plan on publishing it.

  • Content Editor

  • It must be unique and attractive
  • 2-3 lines of post summary

By submitting a guest post to Framcy.com, you agree that we will retain the copyright of all material publishing and that your guest post will not be republished elsewhere.