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About Secret Survey

Many say that women are difficult to understand and decode. However, the same holds true for men as well. In fact, men are much harder to understand. This is because most men are not vocal about their feelings. Some women might even end up feeling clueless about it all.

This is why Michael Fiore has offered a course to help all the women out there. The course is called Secret Survey. Let us see what the course is all about.

What is Secret Survey?

Secret Survey is an extensive program created by Michael Fiore. Since the male brain is starkly different from the female brain, Secret Survey conducts an in-depth study of the male brain. The author is a well-known relationship coach and is able to cover all the important topics that matter in a relationship. Since he himself is a man, he is able to deliver insights that no woman can ever offer about the wants and desires of men.

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Features: What Does It Include?

Secret SurveySecret Survey provides an in-depth analysis with the help of eight lessons. All of these lessons can be accessed on your electronic devices since they are all digital. You can either listen to the audio files or read the provided PDFs. In both cases, you will be able to go through the course in eight days. After this, you can conduct the various exercises included in the program and see whether they offer any benefits.

If we were to divide the eight lessons, here are the key insights you receive in all of them:

  • Lesson 1 focuses on how men and women react and behave differently. If you expect men to have the same reaction as women, it is like trying to get a dog to speak human.
  • Lesson 2 tells you why men lie and what you can do to ensure that both partners in the relationship are honest with one another.
  • Lesson 3 explains why, after a while, men stop complimenting women. You will also learn how you can avoid it.
  • Lesson 4 explores how a woman’s insecurities and need for constant reassurance can affect a man’s psyche.
  • Lesson 5 tells you why men behave with other women. Are you not good enough? Find the answer here.
  • Lesson 6 probes deeper into why men cheat. This chapter allows you to transform into someone your man would never stray from.
  • Lesson 7 focus on what beauty means to men and why it is important for you to have body confidence.
  • Lesson 8 dives into the sexual desires of men and how you can satisfy them. This is based on surveys taken from men.

Benefits of Secret Survey

Get inside his mindSecret Survey proves to be a holistic guide for all the women out there. It is hard to truly understand what goes inside the mind of a man. The fact that this course is able to break it down for women makes it an excellent tool.

The biggest benefit this course offers is that it allows you to work on your relationship in a way that proves to be fruitful. If you learn how your man’s brain work, you are better equipped to put yourself in his shoes and do what is best for your relationship.

The Pros and Cons


  • It is an interesting yet useful course that allows you to learn in a fun way.
  • All the lessons are easy to understand.
  • You can communicate with other women who purchase the program and learn from their experiences as well.
  • The program features a money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment.


  • You can’t download the lessons all at once.
  • The guide may not work the same way on every man since everyone is different.
  • It is only available digitally.


Even though there are a few flaws in Secret Survey, most of them are about accessibility rather than the actual content. The content itself provides a much-needed look into the psyche of men and why they behave a certain way.

If you wish to strengthen your relationship, make sure you make use of Secret Survey. We highly recommend it!

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Do you wish to understand men and their feelings? Secret Survey is here to teach it all. Read and decide whether it lives up to its claims.

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