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Spanish is a fun language to learn, but it is not easy to do so once you get old. As many linguists and psychologists have pointed out, it gets more and more difficult to learn a new language as you grow older. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a language at all. It just means you would be required to put in effort.

Synergy Spanish provides you with a way to learn Spanish quickly and easily. Let us review and see what the course entails and whether it lives up to its claims.

What is Synergy Spanish?

Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is a course developed by Marcus Santamaria. While other courses offer lengthy processes and material for you to learn, this course claims to teach you the language in just 138 words. It focuses on an array of words that you can use to form basic sentences. Hence, you will learn enough Spanish to get you through a holiday in Spain. This quick and easy way to learn the language has been appreciated by many.

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How Does it Work?

Synergy Spanish allows its users to learn Spanish in a quick and comprehensive way. This is why the program itself is divided into five parts, and each part serves a different purpose.

For instance, the first section provides you with the tools you need to introduce yourself in Spanish. Therefore, you can view the first section as equipping you with the base you need to start a conversation.

Learn Spanish EasilyThe second section allows you to build upon the conversation. Here, you will learn how to build simple sentences as well as learn words that serve as sentence starters. These foundational sections ensure that you are able to speak useful Spanish from the get-go.

The third section is where the hard part starts coming in. After building a foundation, the course now focuses on developing skills needed to converse properly with people. It teaches the words that are most likely to spring up in everyday conversation.

To further extend your conversational skills, section 4 introduces you to more words and structures. By the end of this section, you will be able to talk to a group of people.

Lastly, in section 5, you can perfect your conversational skills. By the time you finish this section, you will be able to form free-flowing sentences and introduce yourself as well as talk about others in Spanish.

Overall, there are three types of verbs offered by the course. These include mortar, brick, and synergy verbs. These verbs are chosen because of their flexibility and vast usage.

Benefits, Pros and Cons of Synergy Spanish

You might wonder, why should you choose Synergy Spanish among all other Spanish courses? Well, there are various benefits that make Synergy Spanish a worthy option. One of the most crucial benefits offered is that it allows you to master the language in just 25 days. This is seldom achieved by other similar programs.

The fact that it only contains 138 words mean that there isn’t a lot of memorizing to learn Spanish through this course. This makes the course just as usable by beginners as it is by an advanced learner looking to review their concepts.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick way to learn Spanish, you might find this benefit to be a good enough reason to invest in the course.

The Pros

Other benefits of the program include the following:

  • The inclusion of audio and video lessons provides a holistic way of learning.
  • Online customer support is operational 24/7. This means that whenever you face an issue in understanding the course, you can correspond with the author.
  • The course is quite affordable and different packages are available for those with varying budget constraints. This makes the course accessible to all.

The Cons

The only major disadvantage of the course is that it is tailored for beginners. While an advanced language speaker can use the course to revise their concepts, if you wish to learn advanced Spanish, the course will not be of much help to you. This is because advanced learning includes understanding the intricacies of the language which cannot be done in 138 words.


Synergy Spanish is an excellent tool for learning beginner Spanish. If you want to learn the basics or wish to learn enough to get you through your vacation, you can rest assured that Synergy Spanish will be enough. It has succeeded in living up to its claim. All the beginners out there, make sure you invest in Synergy Spanish. You will not be disappointed.

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Are you having difficulty learning Spanish? You might want to try Synergy Spanish. Before you do so, read and see whether the course is any good.

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