The Tao of Badass Review – The Art of Attracting Women

About The Tao of Badass

The sexual struggle between men and women is one that has existed for millennia upon millennia. Men have always played the role as the seducer. Men were also the one who must put in the hard effort and struggle behind trying to encapsulate and trap the women they want to pursue a relationship with.

For thousands of years, men have tried to understand the female mind, trying to getting into the brain of women, and learn what it is that truly gets them into males, and what techniques can be used to lure them into falling in love with us.

The Art of Attracting Women

Hence, there is a giant industry, like The Tao of Badass that has helped men reading body language, and realize the signs a woman gives that shows that they are fertile and attracted and wish for you to pursue her. But it is the pursuit of her that will always make us, men – the seducers, and her – the prize and trophy we aspire to win. This behavior is wired into to us humans, psychologically.

Furthermore, there is an evolutionary trend that men will always be the ones fighting other men and will always be the one that will be trying to win the female’s attraction. It is seen in our closest relatives, primates and great apes.

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How Men Are Wired to Attract Women

This behavior is seen in masculine animals, like lions, wolves, and hyenas. Even the stunningly flamboyant and beautiful birds of paradise are always the flashy men showing off their features to female birds in an attempt to mate with them.

These examples layout the evolutionary and natural construct behind why it is that men have to gain the female attraction, and not the other way around.

But the difference is that for other animals, the method to winning their girl’s heart is fairly simple. Show off your tail feathers, do an intricate dance, beat up a rival male, or make her a nest.

In contrast, the female human is a much more complex creature. Even some of the most expert players in the game can barely give the advice needed to woo women the way they do, because even they don’t understand what a woman loves!

It’s because a woman’s mind is not something a layman can understand. Therefore, to understand a woman’s mind, you need academic expertise in fields like psychology, and The Tao of Badass definitely guarantees that and guarantees you the seduction techniques and knowledge needed to build attraction and to win the admiration of any woman.

What to Expect from The Tao of Badass

First of all, the Tao of Badass is a series of books by Joshua Pellicer that will help any man, regardless of their success in wooing women, understand the theory behind what makes a woman go crazy for a man.

Using the Tao of Badass guide will teach you several techniques to be able to success with women, such as:

  • Adding value to yourself as a man through techniques like body language (such as not leaning in, and rewarding or punishing behavior) that will show you to be a dominant alpha male.
  • To be able to banter about pretty much anything and encapsulate the focus of any women.
  • Various dating tips and approach women tricks, as well as some bonus content for members only.

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass system has helped 110,000 men all across the globe learn the techniques needed to stealthily infatuate women and have them flocking all over you. It gives very helpful advice like telling men scientifically tested techniques, like how looking at a woman’s mouth while she speaks makes her want to sleep with you, and many more techniques are listed, like the theory behind pre-selection that will make any man a women’s magnet through scientifically-proven, psychologically laced methods.

Then it is time for you to start approaching women directly and making them fall for you; and if you have trouble with that, then The Tao of Badass is the guide for you, for a cheap price with guaranteed results and money back guarantee and also an unlimited supply of products forever. So stop being a wuss, and accomplish your evolutionary purpose of picking up and wooing every woman you can by using The Tao of Badass today.

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