Tesla Off-Grid Independence Review – Does It Really Work?

About Tesla Off-Grid Independence

Nikola Tesla was an important scientist who dreamt of a world with easily accessible electricity, but we are far from it. We pay quite a bit every month just for the electricity we use and often have to curtail the usage. But Tesla Off-Grid Independence can drastically reduce many costs attached to a house’s power usage; the saving can be up to 85% of the current cost. The small and handmade device will let you have a power, free energy packed houses every day without any further tension.

Tesla Off-Grid Independence

The Tesla Off-Grid Independence has been designed to excellence by Dr. David Ranko who is determined to bring forth the technology to everyone. He has already made the technology available to more than 102,000 houses, and the number will increase day by day. He also vouches for the fact that even a child can make it quite easily.

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Features of the Product

Tesla Off-Grid Independence comprises of the basic model that Tesla coil uses, and it takes less than $108 to make any day and will be complete within 2 hours. The program comes with the step by step blueprint and video which will help you in fully coming up with the device in just some hours. You can easily acquire the parts from any electric supply stores and increase the capacity for making a bigger off-grid generator.

The product is simple and will give you a guided view on the subject. The apparatus you make will require you to have two capacitors and two copper coils and some spark gaps. The easiness of this program will leave you awestruck.

The Pros

  • The program will help you to make the device quite quickly as the video is just 60 minutes long and quite easy to understand.
  • The program requires you to build a device that is cheap, and the supplies can be found quite conveniently. The device is also very easy to make and a great project to do with a kid. Most noteworthy, the device will help you to drastically cut your power expenses and also will never require costly fuel.
  • The device is portable, weather proof and low maintenance which makes it extra efficient for any house to use.
  • The company also gives its customers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for people who are dissatisfied with it.

The Cons

  • You have to work with energy and electrical engineering stuff, so you have to be very careful about it.
  • You may end up with a device that doesn’t work if you do not use the right blueprint and materials that have been mentioned in the guide.

Do I Recommend It?

You can definitely go for the Tesla Off-Grid Independence program if you want to save electricity charges and the program is only $49 $17 today. If you like working with technology then this will be a good experience for you as it will appear as a science experiment and you can make it with your family members. The program has been liked by many, and the number is increasing every day, so once again, it will be a really good option if you want to cut your electricity bill.

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Tesla Off-Grid Independence can drastically reduce many costs attached to a house’s power usage; the saving can be up to 85% of the current cost!

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