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If you get lost in the woods the next time you go hiking, can you survive until you find your way back? What if you are involved in an accident in the middle of nowhere? Even those of us who’ve been camping probably wouldn’t be able to go more than a few hours without falling into despair.

Modern civilization may have given us many benefits, but a cushy life is doing no favors for our survival skills. Millennials are having trouble adjusting to adult life, cooking at home is becoming rarer as we speak, and ‘roughing it up’ isn’t a concept with most of us anymore.

However, it only makes sense that we humans should be prepared to brave the elements if we ever had to. After all, our ancestors had none of the facilities we do, and they managed to survive even in the harshest of conditions. This is just why the book called The Lost Ways is such a precious addition to our bookshelves in this day and age.

About the Author of The Lost Ways

Claude DavisThe author of ‘The Lost Ways’ is Claude Davis, who has claimed to have survival experience of over three decades. He’s also the owner and founder of the website This website, as you can derive from its name, is about giving expert advice to those who want to prep for the many inevitabilities that life can throw at them.

The motivation behind this book, according to the author, was his troubled realization of just how far we’ve come from the skills of our forefathers. We’ve become disconnected not just with nature but also with reality itself. Hence, he’s set out to explain some essential survival methods for everyone who may need them.

About The Lost Ways

The Lost WaysThis book is a decent 350 pages long, which shouldn’t be too long a read for those who are used to it. It’s also comforting that the book isn’t too short; otherwise, you may suspect that many details are being left out.

The Lost Ways is chock-full of survival techniques from ancient times. In a pinch, you can use many of these methods and ideas to get inspiration for survival.

No one can really predict the future, so what if you were caught in a war, a natural disaster, or something else? People in several countries have had their homes snatched away before their very eyes, so this book is definitely something you should think about reading very soon!

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Main Features of the Book

There’s a whole lot of practical advice jammed into one book. It will take too long to detail everything it offers, but the major features of this book are listed below. There’s a different chapter on each possible survival need you could possibly have, whether the crisis is manmade or natural. Some of the most popular chapters probably would be:

  • Food
    There are several methods described here on how to whip up super-dense, calorie-rich, and long-lasting foods. These won’t need refrigeration and could very well tide you through several long months if need be.
  • Water
    We can survive quite a lot of days without food, but we absolutely need water every single day or so. This book would give you tips on locating, collecting, cleaning, and preserving water in case of drought or any other difficulty.
  • Hunting
    Even if you don’t have a bow and arrow or a gun, you can still learn to make animal traps.
  • Cooking
    If you need to cook your prey, this book would tell you how to make smokehouses, bark bread, and several other ways to go about it.
  • Shelter
    Whether it’s raining, snowing, or hailing, you need some safe and secure shelter. Since tents won’t always cut it, The Lost Ways steps up and delivers a guide on how to make underground houses for several families at a time.

Pros and Cons

There are ups and downs to every product, and same is the case for this book. In order to give an unbiased account, we would look at both aspects.

The Pros

  • Very important skills detailed which could come in handy anytime.
  • Could also be used as a money-saving guide.
  • Available in hard copy as well as digital.
  • Money-back guarantee if the customer isn’t happy.

The Cons

  • No video or audio formats available.
  • Need serious study and practice.


This book is certainly one of the most needed survival guides in today’s unpredictable world. As long as you’re willing to learn, you would soon find this book never leaving your side. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, you aren’t taking any risks when you order this book. It’s safe to say that The Lost Ways is definitely worth a shot!

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Be prepared to survive any situation by equipping yourself with the knowledge offered by The Lost Ways.

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